Reflective Letter

Short Reflection


I sat for a while and thought, what does this portfolio say about me as a 9th grade English student? Honestly I have no clue, but I would say that this portfolio shows my weakness of writing but also my strength and greatness of writing. You can tell in this portfolio that I am creative with words, and different with my style of writing from most 9th graders. But also my work takes so much editing, before my teacher, audience, and me can be satisfied. I’m that 9th grade student that can be one of the best writers, my potential is there but the work sometimes doesn’t show. I need grammar work, and learn how to write better in past and present tenses.

When you read my portfolio you will see a strong writer, that puts effort, thought, and precision in her work. You will see my creativity, and how I love to use imagery to spice up my writing and give it that BAM! I have two pieces that have that special BAM! First one is Room 436 my Memoir Vignette, My endearment for this piece is so prodigious because I got to go free, and we didn’t have a specific guideline. Room 436 shows how great of a writer I am, and I open up to my audience so they can really meet the author. The second piece I idolize is my Macbeth creative, also another piece with no guideline. This piece showed a side where you just don’t write stories and big paragraph but also short sentence that can me just as much as a paragraph. You can write a stanza that will have your audience pondering, and that’s what I did with this piece. I wrote a big poem that sometime a young audience doesn’t understand, they have to think deeply to actually read it. These two projects were superb and every minute of creating it was substantial.

If I could start 9th grade English over again I wouldn’t because I have grown so much in the process that I don’t want to go back where I started. I have difficulties with writing pieces, such as the 10 paragraph Macbeth benchmark, because I started to run out of what to say and how I would describe a lady I didn’t know. I looked at her as a character in a book that we were reading. Going back through my work, I see that I have grown from just a freshman writer, to a sophomore or maybe a junior writer.