Rejoining/focusing a Conversation

For my first week I wanted to find out how to re-focus a conversation when it goes off-topic.  This is something that I am sometimes not even sure about how to do in english so as you can immagine I wanted to find out how to do this in spanish and how to do it right.

I had planned to interview my old spanish teacher from my old school but because of various things, namely schoolwork, I was not able to get to her for this weeks interview but I should be able to interview her for the following weeks.  The person who so graciously offered to help me I met on a language learning site given to us by our teacher, this site was LiveMocha.  THe person that I ended up talking to was named Carlos and he was very helpful aside from a misunderstanding where I had not phrased the question very well.

Here is the interview/conversation

So what I learned from this whole thing obviously were some ways to re-focus a conversation the right way but I also learned a few new vocabulary words like "ahi" means "there".  Another one would be "grosero" which means "rude" I had to look that up in order to ask him the question.

This page shows kind of the opposite of how to change the topic.
This page show how to start a focused conversation and keep it focused.
This page shows how to focus a conversation from a bit of a business kind of standpoint.