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After writing my Advance Essay #3, I wasn't really sure who I wanted to interview or what to discuss in my podcast. My goal was to interview someone who I can connect with and take on a different or the same view on a topic. Either way, I wanted to get the feel and understand their identity of belonging. 
At first, I interviewed my older sister. She drifted the conversation to what it is like being the oldest child and the responsibilities of being one. In the end, I found that I was not really satisfied with the recording because (1) she was driving, (2) the radio was on, and (3) I did not feel like the message was clear on identity nor belonging. So one day, my best friend happened to be over and she was telling me all kinds of stories from her family, to friends, and being stressed overall. So, I knew it was the perfect timing to do my podcast! 
Below is the conversation of how her past relationship or generally how strong love can affect a person and their identity. I do have to say, working to edit and put everything together was not an easy job. I used Garageband on my MacBook to edit the piece and on the day it was due, my work was unsaved and all my work was gone. Luckily, I got it done and to be honest, this is not the best but this the best that can be done compared to the original piece. Also, I literally tried every background music that would go along with my podcast, but it just sounded weird to me. I think it makes it too much if I were to add in music or sound effects. So I hope you guys understand. With that being said, I hope you enjoy! 
Talks with Ashlye 2

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Ona Brown (Student 2017)
Ona Brown

I liked how you incorporated many scenes of memory Ash. It made the podcast come alive. You explored an interesting question that many people don't think about. Falling in what we think is love plagues us all and I feel like it effects our identity in a way.Our parents and adults tell us we don't know what love is and how meaningful our relationship is. When we fall in love we change our identity to fit with the one of our partners.

Jaiyeola Omowamide (Student 2017)
Jaiyeola Omowamide

-I really liked you narrations because they are very detailed, clear and very understanding. - the questions you asked are very good and also, I like how you constantly asked questions - your questions really helped your interviewee bring emotion to the table

For the most part the podcast is good. I feel like you should've added music and your narration in the beginning was a bit long, but I really like your conclusion! Good job

Crystal Taylor (Student 2017)
Crystal Taylor

I love love love love love this!!!!!!!! This has to be my favorite podcast because you crafted it around something which the youth can relate to, relationships. Also, with being a teen in this generation, I know how guys these days are so I can definitely relate to what was being said. 3 Strengths- Relatable, good audio quality, engaging conversation Recommendation- background music could have been added