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I learned a lot from the in class presentations which made me want to revisit the sources that were given to us from Ms.Hull on canvas. I really liked how Alicia spaced out the letters in her title so I thought it would be nice to borrow that idea from her and incorporate that into my new slide. I learned from the sources to use the rule of the thirds, which I attempted to do on my first slide but was more successful this time around. From the Design Slide website I read how color was important while making a slide because it draws the viewers yes to it so on my slide I tried to use bright colors that were from the same color palette. I used a white background because I found it way easier to find colors to contrast with it. From Presentation Zen I learned that your slide should stick to one point and I believe I was successful with that. My slide stayed with the theme on traveling so I used colors the represent the earth, I used a image that displayed the world map, and my quote/definition talked about traveling and wanderlust. I really tried to leave some empty space so that my slide wouldn't look cluttered just like the website Presentation Zen mentioned. Overall i feel really proud not only about my new side design but more so how much I learned and how much I grew from my first slide to now. 

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Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

I noticed that you made all of your colors contrast and that was an excellent choice because it really brings out the map. I think that all the different colors on the map make it really stand out and catch someones eye because it is very appealing.

Sherell Messing (Student 2017)
Sherell Messing

I notice that the two colors in the picture are the same as the colors in the text. I feel as though it was a great idea to do this because it makes the entire presentation noticeable.