POSTER for tech (4)
My original slide was pretty good, but this time I will make this remix even better. the first comment I got was that the pictures need a background and so I did just that. I added the backgrounds with grey on two of the pictures and blue on one. The second comment is that I need to change the text font. I change it into the Playfair Display font. 

Other changes I made was I changed the background color too blue. Also I made it smaller so I could fit in the pictures. I learned from research that I have to make the the backgrounds with the pictures. also I learned that I have to make the pictures 3/4 long.

Some self influenced things I added was that I change the name to Max Lewis. I made the max white and the lewis black. I also took out the swirls and replaced it by making the pictures bigger. Lastly I learned a lot from this remix because the new set of research was more informational and helpful.