REMIX 1: Google slide relfection

Copy of Untitled presentation
Gary bartley 
9th grade Tech          
              What I learned from the critique of my slide is it’s about the message and the point you are  trying to get across.Minimize them to get just a few simple words.The Audience should be listening not reading,and the fonts are an important part of engaging your audience.This is some of the things that I as a presenter have understood so far.

The reason I made the changes I made on my slide was because the slide layout I picked was depending on my color and the fonts to be arranged on my slide.If people had to squint during my presentation that something I 
had to change because if they can’t understand what’s 
on your slide then you’ve lost your audience.The biggest change I had to make was making the small font to a large font and change my picture to a different one for the the words to fit also.
The research I did helped me create one of the best slides 
because when you know more information about presenting to your audience and designing a great presentation about you but mostly about who you are presenting to.I learn more about fonts then I ever knew about fonts depending on your picture and design.

The sources I used to create an amazing slide was 5 sources Gifs,website called secure,I also used google as one to help me with my slide.Most of these websites and sources helped me alot and little but thanks to my research I now know more and did more to this is my essay.