Remix Slide

Tech Slide #2

    The critique of my slide was to mess around with it more and to change the text so it

could match the shows font. So I took the advice and found better images that I could do more with. I also found a font that matches the shows logo so it could resemble each other. My critique taught me that there was much more that I could’ve done with my slide. I also learned that the things you choose to put in your slide matters.

  I made the changes I did to my slide because once I got the critique I saw problems

with my slide. I realized that the picture I choose was blurry so Iooked for pictures that were better. I also changed the color and the font of my text so it could contrast more since my old slide was bland. Then I found a picture to bleed. That's why I made the changes I did to my slide.

 Research helped me make a better slide because it made me realize that contrast

is important. It also made me realize the font is important. Research also made me realize that bleeding tings is important. I used Presentation Zen as a source. I also used Slide Design for Developers.