Remixed One Slide

ONE slide pres.
ONE slide pres.
I learned from the critiques of my slide to choose a better background picture that divides up the screen better.Before there were clouds that interfered with the words and points trying to come across. I was told to change some of the positioning of my words and pictures. To make my font bigger and to have it stretch across the top of the screen
I made the changes to my slide because I wanted the rule of thirds for Presentation Zen to be more pronounced. I also wanted the colors to contrast more. I used the IKEA ads to help me as well. The use of their negative space and it highlights what is actually important. 
The research I did helped to create a better slide, because it helped me choose a new font for my quote that made it stretch across the top of my slide better. I also chose a new background to have better colors. One of the sources I used to create an amazing slide was Presentation Zen and a Smilebox article that helps with web design.