Researching The Offical- Lobbying For Smaller Schools: Educating All of Philadelphia

SRC (School Reform Commission) Members:
Denise McGregor Armbrister sits on the board for the School Reform Commission for the School District of Philadelphia. She is relevant to lobbying for smaller schools because her foundations, the Wachovia Corporation,Wachovia Regional Foundation, and the Wachovia Regional Community Development Corporation all help support the lives of families in low income neighborhoods. She likes to give back, which is why she would be a great candidate to express our views to. She cares about the community, its growth, and how it will impact the lives of others.
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Johnny Irizarry is another member of the SRC in the Philadelphia School District. Having taught at some high schools in Philadelphia, and shown great persistence in the development of students education, he will be a good guy to talk to. Although he has a specific focus, on the Center for Hispanic Excellence, he will still be helpful and be able to share his past experiences.

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State Representatives:
If this concern were to have reached the state level, it would first have to reach the City of Philadelphia’s, to where Mayor Michael Nutter could contact our honorable congressman Robert A. Brady. He serves as Philadelphia’s First District Congressman, that contains parts of South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, Center City, and Delaware County. Robert Brady feels strongly about students receiving education to the highest degree. He puts it at the forefront as he believes it is the foundation of our nations future. He believes that quality education should not be a shut off for those who cannot afford it, henceforth why his candidacy will bring this issue to the forefront of most peoples minds.
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Just because these children misbehave in these schools, does not mean that they do not deserve a proper education, one in which would still prepare them for the future, despite their actions in school.  There needs to be more schools like this one: The Lifeworks Alternative School. In this Alternative School, students receive individualized attention based off of their mental or behavioral problems. They still receive a top notch education, despite their “disadvantage”. These students are still students at the end of the day and deserve as much of an education as the next student in the leading magnet school. All students deserve the right to a prosperous education. They understand the downfalls to gathering all of the “bad” students into one school. Those types of schools have no inspiration, and everyone is still taught equally.

We have received the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting on Monday, October 25th, to discuss education in America and the importance of great teachers. Presented by A&E Network, Comcast, Temple University and the U.S. Department of Education. Featuring Governer Ed Rendell, Mayor Michael Nutter, Arlene Ackerman, and Tony Danza. We will be able to participate in a professional conversation and get many of our questions answered. After this experience I believe we will both feel more comfortable to attend other SRC and town hall planning and action meetings. These meetings are generally open to the public for our advantage. We hope to attend a planning meeting on Wednesday November 10, 2010 and an action meeting on Wednesday November 17, 2010.  At these two meetings we will have a chance to get a sort of behind the scenes look into the department of education. We hope to get insight on how ideas are proposed and decisions are made professionally