Formed by mutated nerve cells which expand & is inheritable through parents. Inheritance is of type "Autosomal Inheritance Pattern", known as ADIP. The dominant gene for Retinoblastoma (Rb) is located on the autosome. Therefore, you only need one gene to be affected by Retinoblastoma. For example, if a father has Rb, than there is a 50% chance for child offspring to have it, and 50% to be unaffected by Rb. This image shows Retinoblastoma tumor before & after treatment. Thermotherapy in conjunction with Chemotherapy is used over 6 cycles to remove Rb, therefore leading to scar tissue prominent in image D. 


Rb can affect life by numerous factors. First, in places where advanced medical treatment is unavailable, Rb left untreated can be fatal growing rapidly and inhibiting normal function of the eye, then facial features, leading to very large growths. It can be detected by a photograph; when taken with flash, light will bounce off back of retina thereby showing up as white, when normal eye would cause light to bounce of retina, causing 'Red Eye'. Vision loss will occur even after treatment of Rb, leading to a blurry or soft-focused image. Focusing of the eye most likely will be not functioning, with eye control sometimes being impaired. Rb affects 200-300 people in the United States, and is the most common type of eye cancer in Children. Affecting 15,000 people per year, it occurs equally in boys and girls. Right/Left eye appearance of Rb is equal, with 75% chance of occurance in one eye, with reduced, 25% chance of occurance in both eyes. Over 9/10 cases of Rb are treated, however this is in US, with modern medical procedures (chemo, thermo, cryo & laser therapy). 


I was affected by Retinoblastoma at an early age, around few months of life. Treatment taken place using Chemo, and continued check ups lasted till I was school-aged. After these treatment for Rb, I continue to receive checkups at Wills Eye in Philadelphia. I was prescribed glasses though due to little improvement, and dislike I stopped wearing them. My control of left eye is difficult and although it follows my right eye movement, I cannot focus or see images through left eye clearly. After using the eye-patch at an early age, it improved my visual acuity through left eye to the point where peripheral vision is equal in both eyes. I still have difficulty with activities requiring both eyes, such as 3D glasses, or looking through binoculars/ microscopes. My views on Rb are that, I am thankful to Lord for being treated, and that I am able to continue life normally.