Revised Performance Schedule for SLA's Rainy Hidden City

Here is a revised schedule for Friday afternoon performances, due to the weather:

1:15: RECESS-- Croskey Street (North of Arch between 22nd and 23rd)  

1:25: HIDEOUT-- Appletree Street (north of Arch, enter next to Aya's, go next to playground)

1:35: PEBBLES-- Shack on 20th Street between Arch and JFK

1:45: UNDERBRIDGE-- Cobblestone Alley under RR across 22nd from SLA  

2:05: CLANK: Under RR bridge in parking lot @ 22nd Street & Arch

2:15: ANIMATRONIC SOLDIERS-- Van Pelt  (bet. 21st & 22nd, bet. Cherry & Race)

2:25: ESCAPE-- Stand on Walden street below Stairwells on side of SLA building