Through out history, revolutions have proven to be a useful source to change how systems and governments work and run. But behind every revolution, there is a major setback that can determine the future of every man, woman, and child involved in a revolution. You may have heard of a revolution that is taking place in Ukraine as we speak, but lets take a trip to 1968 all the way in Mexico City where many students were speaking out against the governments officials. The Mexico City Massacre began as a revolution between the students of the National Preparatory School. In this situation the revolution was expected to show the government their demands and as well make them give in, but things were soon to take a turn for the worse. The revolution turned into a massacre against the students that were part of it, and many of the citizens that had no part of the revolution as well. This resulted into the death of five hundred students, one thousand students wounded, and twenty citizens wounded as well. This example proves that revolutions can sometimes turn into something that no one expects and that it can not happen they way people want.

Over the years the world has experienced revolutions that have gone from peaceful to violent. Today revolutions that are successful in meeting demands are called “new revolutions”. The serbian revolution represents an interesting story for students of revolution, meaning that it happened it such a peaceful way which also made it popular. The serbian revolution used music, symbols, and other actions so that they could protray the dictator of the country opposed to the people’s interest. This allowed students to become more active into the revolution and inspired them to make student protests. This example proves that revolutions that are non violent are more likely to be more successful. It also shows how the people used other people’s interest like music to inspire them to protest.