Revolution Guidebook Project

During this unit we have worked on revolutions. Working on revolutions have really changed my view on a lot of things. My view on the world is completely different now and it makes me appreciate the things that I am given more. We have researched different revolutions over the century's. One thing that has remained the same was that people are fighting for some type of equality. 

Some other things that I have noticed are the fight for power. When you're fighting for power you can't stop in the middle. You have to keep going and fighting for what you believe in. If you would stop it shows you're weak. In most cases fighting for power is not always pretty. It can be very violent but in some way you can manage to keep the peace. In almost every revolution things don't go as planned when the power is in your hands. When this happens I think it clarify's that a revolution is never really over and that is the most difficult part. It's not about who can have the power but more about what do you do when you're given the power. In my video you can see how the Egyptians fought for power and what happens when you try to "end" a revolution.