Revolution Guidebook Project

In this unit we thoroughly learned about Revolutions. How they started, what caused them to succeed or fail and the different ways messages can get across to people globaly. We learned about the strong opinions of people and what they will do to make sure the change they need and deserve happens. The extents people will go because of how much something means to them is pretty amazing. We learned about whether violent or non violent revolutions are better or worse and why or why not. We looked at different revolutions like the French Revolution and the revolution in Egypyt that look place at the Square which was a very passionate yet emotional experience. I realized that maybe if we had that same, we could get a lot more things done in our country itself. For my individual project, I wanted to focus on what makes a successful revolution and exactly how to do that. No revolution is ever bad. People worked hard to make the process that they did, but its all in how it goes, how it ends and how it continues. 

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