Revolution Guidebook Project

This unit was all about revolutions and the different things that make them successful and also what makes them different. Several different revolutions, both historical and current, were compared to see what made them work and what was done wrong. There are a number of different variables in making a revolution successful and different, including leaders, strategies, age groups, and time periods. Everyone decided on a question that they would like to explore based on a different topic that they found engaging a made a digital story, including quotes from both historical and current revolutions, to portray the answer that they have found. 

For my digital story, I decided to focus on leaders of revolutions and how they can determine whether or not a revolution is successful. I looked at leaders from both historical and current revolutions and compared their strategies to see what seem to work and what didn't. My digital story helped me come to an answer for my beginning question which was 'What Types of Leaders Do Successful Revolutions Need'. My answer pinpoints three major strategies which seem to always help a revolution become more successful.