Revolution Guidebook Project

In  this unit, we studied revolutions  in depth. We looked at how they are started; through social media and pamphlets, or just through word. We looked at what fuels and drives them, and what their goals are, ranging from new government entirely or just more basic rights. We looked at the impacts they have and the effects they leave, and analyzed their significance, like why they are started and how they are finished and have power. To do this, we explored the French and Haitian revolution through an engaging roleplay, we learned about the recent Arab spring throughout the Middle East by delving into firsthand accounts, and we watched sections of "The Square", a powerful Netflix documentary about Egyptian Revolution. But ultimately, there are so many things to be looked at an analyzed about revolutions, so we did this Digital Story Guidebook to revolutions, and through it explored a specific question or angle about revolutions that are much more specific, unique, and sometimes unanswered. Questions ranged from "How has social media affected revolutions" to "What is the role of the individual in a revolution?". What I wanted to explore and show people was how revolutions change History, not just the present, so my digital story (below) processed the question "How have revolutions changed history?". 
From all of this, I have learned a lot on the topic and seen a variety of different angles and lenses. I learned that having a clear goal in mind is key, because if you don't things can fizzle after the government is changed. I understand now that a key part of success in revolution is masses and numbers; the more people, the more strength and more likely it is to be successful. Below, in my story, you will learn all I have learned about of how revolutions change history and what effects they leave behind. To summarize everything learned in this unit in one simple, compact sentence: The greatest impact revolutions have is leaving people empowered and inspired and with more courage than before. Revolutions are essential for keeping the world in check.

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Myrna Yousuf (Student 2016)
Myrna Yousuf

I like how you show different images and they are labeled with what it is, the date, and a description. Your images also match up with what you say. I like how you bring different revolution current and past mixed into your video.