Roberts, Andrew LucidChart - ZWZ13

This is a diagram of my home network, which is named ZWZ13.  My internet, provided by Verizon Fios, comes from the cloud to my house via a fiber-optic cable.  It enters what I call a "Fiber-Optic to Wire Transfer Box", which is self-explanatory.  The signal is sent by wire to my landline and a Modem/Router, which then wirelessly connects to three laptops (my Mom's, my Dad's and mine) a tablet (Toshiba Thrive) and my Wii.  There are no phones connected to my network, as my family does not use smartphones.
While I was designing this diagram, I learned more about my LAN (Local Area Network) than I ever would have otherwise.  I previously knew that there was a box in my basement and that the router (which I later learned was a Router/Modem) gave me a connection, but I did not know precisely how.  
There is one thing wrong with my network, and that is that it is not named.  Unnamed networks are a sign to pirates that a network is not protected.  I have informed my parents of this, but they have forgotten. 

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