Rockets Finish 2nd Straight Undefeated Reg Season; Earn 1st Rd Bye, Host Rd 2 Game on Fri, 5/20

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.47.03 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.47.03 AM
The past two weeks have been rough for the Rockets. Multiple rainouts, shuffled games and a shortage of officials led to seemingly interminable breaks in action before the final three regular season games could be played. The waiting was certainly frustrating, but when it came time to play the Rockets outscored their last three opponents 35-6. Freshman Kristian Ramos had his Varsity debut, going 5IP with 9Ks, no walks and gave up just 1 ER. SLA starters racked up another 32 Strike Outs to just 5 Walks, and while pitching has been dominant all season, the offense had it going on too. With each opponent suffering through at least one dreaded inning when every Rocket would bat, sometimes twice, before the defense could record 3 outs. 

Kensington dropped a late season game to Edison, which handed the B-Division title to the Rockets on a day they didn't even take the field. Even though they had won their 2nd straight Division title, which signified the team moving up to the top division of competition, the general energy on the team was, "so what's next!?" They knew they had won the B Division two entire weeks before it became official, but the hunger for something greater tempered the celebrations. The same held true when the final out of the regular season was caught by Senior Shaion Denny out in Left. The team gathered and lightly celebrated another undefeated regular season, but the true goal of a City Title was still five games away. 

More waiting would unfold as The Rockets wondered aloud who they would face in the 2nd round after a well-earned Bye in the first round. 2016 will mark the first time in team history they earned a Bye and will get to host the winner of MLK (B6) and Maritime (C6) from a lower Division. SLA knows a little bit about what it means to be underestimated, so they aren't taking anyone lightly once the tournament starts. 

And they'll channel that "we can beat anyone" energy on Friday in Mt. Airy just as they did against Germantown Friends a few weeks ago. Lots of games and Divisions are still on the line, but one thing is certain. Whomever wins on Wednesday, will have to deal with a Rocket team that outscored their opponents by 111 runs on the season and a starting rotation that posted an unheard of combined 0.58 ERA. A win on Friday will set the wheels in motion for another serious run at a City Title. 

NEXT UP: Either B6 MLK or C6 Maritime. Regardless, come out and support The Rocket on Friday, May 20th and you'll get to say you were there when the Title Run started. 

Home Playoff 1 (Rd 2)
Mt. Airy Playground
7001 Germantown Ave 
(btwn Sedgwick and Mt. Pleasant)
Game Time: TBD