Rockets score big against Kensington

   On Oct 7th the SLA boys soccer team played an amazing game against Kensington High School.  This was the second game against Kensington and a critical win for the playoffs.  The boys beat Kensington 6-2 with goals scored by Dan Wirt (#3) and Seamus Kirby (#5).  Wirt scored five of the goals, two were intercepted miss kicks by the Kensington goalie, one was a breakaway shot, one was done from an assist by Will Felinski (#11), and the last one was a penalty shot.  Kirby scored his goal off a breakaway shot in the beginning of the second half.  

     The defense played a especially stupendous game only letting seven shots on goal which Doug Wallace (Goalie) saved five of. Usually Wallace's save count is about 30.  A difference in this game from others played was that the midfield players completely controlled the middle of the field which gave the forwards more scoring opportunities. This change probably came from Coach VK's position changes and adding more defensive and offensive midfielders. Overall congratulations to the SLA Soccer team and good luck in next weeks games!