Role Of Rules

Role Of Rules

Imagine a world without any rules or laws to tell people what’s right or wrong, Out of all of the endless possible things people can achieve, those things can lead to violent things and ruin everything that is running smoothly. People tend to make laws and rules in order to have everything run easy, simple, somewhat fair and to keep everyone safe. The person who decide these rules is considered a leader,someone who is in charge of group decisions and that the group choose to be. Although, people choose leaders based on what the leaders show not what they really are. This can cause people to be hurt by it or just plain out benefit from it. Also this is the reason people might choose to rebel against them. This situation works for rules and laws as well, having these regulations only benefit one side of the community and having that said, this will cause the resting side to rebel against these rules.

The most important thing to do when starting a community or group is to choose a leader. Without a leader things would be more complicated and less controlled in most situations. This is one of the first things that is done in “Lord Of The Flies¨ By William Golding. Kids introduce themselves and form a group. As the group increases in number, Ralph, one of the older kids holds a meeting. This is where they decipher things. ¨Seems we ought to have a chief to decide things¨. (22). Considering that this is one of the first things they have decided as a group, it makes it very important to have. It is very important to decide on a leader because it definitely gives the authority to the leader to have it organized and somewhat fair. Without a leader there would definitely cause chaos between the members and arguments. In this situation they chose Ralph because he was the one in control of the meeting and was the reason they are all joined together in one place therefore he showed some characteristics of a leader. After that he appointed Jack the leader of the hunting team. To sum it all up, they chose these leaders based on what people see and what the leader display. This will come back and bite them as the story goes on while they seem not to be what they actually show.

To relate this on how the United States decides on what leader they need or is necessary they have a leader called the president. In the U.S our citizens vote for their leaders. The head of the government is the president of the United States, he proposes new laws and rules for our country. According to “”,¨The president has the ability to veto laws made by congress and can issue executive order. The president also commands the military, which is significant because the U.S...¨. This definitely answers the question of why it is important for us to have a leader and why it is important for them to make laws and rules. Although these citizens only have the option to choose their leader based on what they claim they are. They can say tons of stuff about themselves and what they are going to do but might not actually do those things.and that will cause people to rebel against this leader.

There are plenty of rules and laws created that will only benefit a certain amount of people. Although that certain amount of people would be the majority of the group. While it benefits them, on the other side of the group, it will be hurting them. Their is a similar situation in ¨Lord Of The Flies¨ when the group decides to start a fire. They begin to form a fire although they encounter a problem of not having anything to start it with. ¨His specs---use them as burning glasses!.... ¨Here let me go!¨ (40)The group is in need of something to spark a fire, and they choose Piggy's specs as a “lighter. This causes Piggy to get upset and be sad. This is a perfect example of how this rule or command is benefiting only one side of a group and hurting the other. The group is benefiting from the glasses by using them to start the fire while Piggy is walking around blind and unhappy. We can also see how this is benefiting only the majority of the group. They’re tons of situations where this is portrayed in real life, from politics to society norms.

They’re plenty of ways that rules made to affect people in a bad way but others in a good way. This unfairness can be found in society, organizations, politics Etc. In some situations, somethings can be adjusted to make it more fair although most of the time there is no way to change it and there will always be a side that is being affected in a good or bad way. In a Buzzfeed post called “25 stages of getting randomly selected by airport security also known as flying while Brown”. There is a rule in airport security where if people or their bags look suspicious then they are allowed to check them. Although, “looking suspicious” could be interpreted in multiple of different ways by plenty of different people. Most common misinterpretation is checking someone because they look muslim or like a certain race or religion a terrorist group is in. The security would check these people and take up almost all of their time while they are most likely innocent. This connects back to the thesis by showing how it is benefiting only a certain amount of people. The people benefiting from this would be the airport itself and people boarding the plane. This would probably give them more comfort while boarding the plane while on the other hand it is taking too much unnecessary time from the person and giving them uncomfort and disrespect.

To wrap up, they’re plenty of different rules and regulations that have a reason behind them. In an amazing fictional book, young kids first instinct as a group is to decide a leader. That decision is very essential to a group’s health and environment.  As well as creating rules that affect certain parts of a group in a bad and good way. In“Lord Of The Flies” there was a situation where the rules were not fair and connecting that to a real life situation. We noticed that these rules will affect the majority of the group in a good way in most situations and it will give the rest a bad result. At the end of the day, rules will never benefit everyone but only a few and being part of that “few” could be very likely or unlikely depending on the situation.

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