Room for Debate: The Patriot Act

On paper I think that is law is great. It has the ability to prevent terrorist attacks form occurring as well as save thousands of innocent lives. The issue, like many other laws in the United States, is that it is very easily corruptible and has the possibility to be majorly misused. While yes, this law could be used to prevent evil it could also be used to create evil, and thus needs a better system of checks and balances before being further implemented. 
I totally agree that there needs to be some way to help prevent attacks against civilians and do not think that counterterrorism has become obsolete. That said there needs to be regulations put in place before any more sections of this law are renewed. There is no way to make a law 100% incorruptible, but permission to use these intelligence tools should not be given out so generously. 
In addition, law makers needs to be more clear about what they consider a threat. Being able to differentiate between a legitimate warning an and over reaction or stereotype is huge. Who is really in charge of regulating this law and what are the standards that they use? Like I said above, I do agree that the United States does need resources to help prevent terrorism, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere and as of now that line is not very clear.