Room for Debate

The reason behind the PATRIOT ACT being established was due to terrorist attacks that had occurred on September 11, 2011. To be cautious for the wellness of our nation, is to have the PATRIOT ACT alive today.
The PATRIOT ACT is not only being used for terrorists but for the typical criminal. Though, it shouldn't be used to spy on innocent Americans. For the government to be able to see every move you make when ever they feel the need to "check on you" is a little too much. But also, Americans should take in consideration the benefit of the doubt. Images and actions can fool you. 
It's the government using common sense. If the nation loses its security, then it should be allowed to maintain surveillance. Although today their may not be terrorist attacks as serious as the 9/11 attacks,  America needs the PATRIOT ACT-or at least some portions of it- in order to secure American's safety.