Kate, It’s me TJ. Can I talk to you for a minute?  So I have a problem. So you know how my little sister Rose and I have currently moved in with our aunt  about three months ago, and its been tough. Last week when Rose came to school with the bruises and black eye on her face, I told you that she had got into a fight. The thing is, she didn’t get into any fight. Our aunt has been hitting her.

But wait please don’t tell anyone yet, It’s my aunt, and I don’t want her to get arrested. It started around the first few weeks of school. Rose and I were still getting used to living with her.

We came in the house from school, and Rose didn’t say hello. So my aunt  ran up to Rose in her face screaming at her, saying ¨when you come in this house you speak to me!”. Of course she started to cry. The woman threw her backpack across the room and just started hitting her.

What did I do? I know that she wouldn’t just do this out of nowhere.

She says if I ever try and help Rose in this kind of situation she would get her boyfriend on me. Kate I don’t know what to do. I’m only 13 and I know I can defend myself from people my age, but a 27 year old man, I don’t know. I really haven’t seen her boyfriend. I know he comes there a lot but he only stops at the door to give my aunt money. And Rose. Rose is only 9. She can’t defend herself at all. I can’t call anyone because she took my cell phone and uses it for her “orders”. So I just figured that I open up to you.

It’s so crazy because I know my aunt  like the back of my hand.. When we were little, she wasn’t  like this at all. She would always take Rose and I to the park and get us ice cream from the ice  cream truck. When my mother was arrested, she was right there ready to take us in. Oh and I know she only took us for the money. She walks in the house with a new purse everyday. I don’t know if it’s the money she gets from her boyfriend or the state.

But Rose. I’m scared for her. She barely gets any sleep because she is scared that she will come in and take her away, so I hold her to make her feel safe. She screams and cries from the nightmares she has from her. She can’t get comfortable when sleeping because of the bruises on each arm hurts her.

Rose has gotten so quiet. She talks when she is told to and only when she is told to. Even in school. She only talks to me when we wake up for school in the morning. If momma could only be here for us. Man I know things  would be different. Rose would go back to being the old Rose. Playing with her dolls, having friends over every friday. Just… Happy.

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Kyle Thomas (Student 2020)
Kyle Thomas

This monologue is really interesting because it makes a strong connection with the audience. What I learned from this was that Rose is being abused by her aunt. Also, she is constantly having nightmares about her and doesn't feel safe. Another thing that I learned was that her sister couldn't help her because her aunt was going to get her boyfriend who is 27years old to hit her. But I am wondering why is her aunt doing this to Rose?What did Rose do to deserve this?