Rosenberg, Kara, Lucidchart, Homenet

My local area network has many things connected to it. I have a lot of devices in my house that are connected to the wireless internet. The devices are three iPhones, an iPad, one Macbook, one Macbook Air, one Macbook Pro, a Playstation 3, and a printer. Comcast is my internet provider, so all of those devices are using Comcast's internet. 

My "OMG Moment" was when Ms. Hull taught us that if you download music and you don't pay for it, you are stealing. This surprised me because I never thought listening to music could possibly make you a thief, but it makes sense. The music artist makes music and gets their money buy people buying their tracks. But, when you download their music for free, from a place that does not have a copyright, you are stealing that artist's music. It made me feel bad, because if I was an artist and spent months/years working on my music, I would expect people to pay money to listen to it! 

People need to know a lot of things when having an ISP/home network. One of the main things they need to know is to put a password on your internet! If you don't put a password on your internet connection, you will be paying for strangers who use your internet connection. And to me, that just isn't fair.