Rough Cut Sets Records at 10-Day Film Awards w/ 4 Films, 13 Nominations, 3 Wins, and 3 Top Ten Films

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.30.01 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.30.01 PM
​Rough Cut was prolific today in their sophomore showing of the 10-Day Film Challenge Awards.

Just like last year when 5 Rough Cut films (most ever) took home some hardware, 20% of the films eligible for 2016 awards were Rough Cut originals and all were nominated for multiple awards.

When the dust settled, Rough Cut picked up 13 Nominations, and took home 3 Top Prizes for Best Screenplay "Depression. The Man"; Best Editing "Don't Question It"; Best Performances for "Les Be Friends".

3 Rough Cut Originals also placed in the Top Ten, a feat never accomplished in 10-Day Film Challenge history. 

With these wins, all four films are automatically Official Selections in the 4th Annual Rough Cut Film Festival (June 13-20) hosted by Philadelphia Film Society, University of the Arts and The Greater Philadelphia Film Office. 

Congratulations to the teams behind these amazing films. So very proud of the calibre of films they produced for this! 
Tiarra Bell, Tenzin Chemi, Felix D'Hermillon, Dylan McKeon
Nominations (2)- Best Editing, Best Film Poster Design

"Depression. The Man" (Overall 8th Place Finish)
Felix Schafrothdoty, Mark Gucciardi-Kriegh, Juliana Concepcion, Daouda Njie, Joaquin Thomas
Nominations (3)- Best Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, Best Film Poster Design
Winner (1)- Best Screenplay
Top Ten Finish- 8th Place

"Les Be Friends" (Overall 3rd Place Finish)
Indee Phillpotts, Xavier Carroll, Zoe Andersson, Cacy Thomas, Anastasia Petropoulos
Nominations (3)- Best Performances, Best Use of Dialogue, Superior Technical Merit
Winner (1)- Best Performances
Top Ten Finish- 3rd Place

"Don't Question It"- (Overall 2nd Place Finish)
Eamon Kelly, Mitchell Berven-Stotz, Javier Peraza, Tamira Bell, Sean Morris
Nominations (5)- Audience Award, Best Musical Score, Best Film Editing, Best Use of Prop and Superior Technical Merit
Winner (1)- Best Editing
Top Ten Finish- 2nd Place