Ruben Burenstein Capstone

Student Name:

Ruben Burenstein


Mark Bey


The goal of this project is to provide extra help for students who seemed to be having trouble in a Spanish 2 class. 


 I was inspired to make this my capstone because wavering interest in education. Since I started learning Spanish I liked it, and decided that if I were to teach a subject it would be Spanish. During freshman and sophomore year I thought that I wanted to be a teacher, but then during junior year my opinion changed. After finding out that I would be the SAT for a Spanish 2 class I thought that this would be a good opportunity to see what teaching a small group of kids would be like. I soon realized that I would not just help the students on their work, but also help reinforce their core understanding. To do this I had to re acquaint myself with the topics that they were learning, as well as research teaching techniques. For the project I did small activities, and created worksheets with the intent of improving the understanding of the Spanish language. Researching how to be an effective teacher has given be a better understanding of what I should do in teaching situations, and given me methods on how to clearly display information to students. 

Following are links to pictures of the worksheets that the kids I taught completed, as well as other worksheets that were made, but there are no pictures of the kids doing them. There were also many days where I held activities and don't have physical proof of the work completed on those days. The descriptions for completed worksheets are below the pictures, so you may have to scroll down.