Ruben Burenstein Q4 What if? project

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My point of divergence was a decision that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made. He knew that he was sick, so instead of focusing on ending the war as quickly as possible, he decided to work on the second bill of rights. He kept this secret so that the citizens of the united states would think he was doing the best for the nation by ending the war. As a result of this, 2012 has much less problems. Our economy is great, we are third in the world for education, and employment never dips under the rates it was at when the bill was passed. This is all because the second bill of rights helped the citizens of the united states with all of these issues.

    I liked being able to choose my own topic for a project. There was a lot of freedom, and I was able to look at something I was interested in. Even though I chose my own topic, there was still a lot of challenging work. Sometimes it was hard to find resources that I could use to know what would happen in the future if this point in time would change. It was also hard to find a topic that could be altered by history, and have some impact on the United States now. It took a lot of work, but I was eventually able to settle on a topic that I found interesting, and could effect American history a lot. The most interesting thing about my topic was the fact that it might have been possible. I had not heard about a plan for the second bill of rights before, and I really liked thinking about how the world would be different if it had been made.

    What if it had been made? The choice that FDR made to focus on the war, and not start creating the second bill of rights could have impacted our country greatly. It could have prolonged the war, but in the end made out country a lot better. The choice that he made effected our whole country. There are also millions of other choices that could have effected history, and we have no idea how much they would change the world had they been made differently. The choice that FDR made surely wasn't his own. It took him and some other people to decide what would be better for the country at that point, and they chose to focus un the war. There is no saying how much their decision, or any other has effected the world. Some decisions may hold no weight in the world, so that if they were changed nothing would be different, while others could look like not important decisions, but really change the world completely.

    My project could have been improved if the created primary sources were more interesting or creative. There could have been a video element to them, or something more exciting than a news article, and 2 dimensional things that can easily be printed out. I would also change my website a little to make it better looking, and possibly have more creative elements. If I could do this project over again, I would like to choose another point around the same time as the one I chose. This would help me see which one was more important to society, and why. If I chose the same topic, then I would make different primary sources as I mentioned above, and change my website or have a different form of presentation, like a magazine.