RubyJane Anderson Capstone

For this project, Max Amar-Olkus and I wrote, starred in, edited, and directed two short documentaries about SLA. Before we started producing the videos, we did a lot of research. We researched topics relating to comedy, journalism, and comedic journalism. We watched a lot of our favorite news programs like Vice, John Oliver, and Jon Stewart. We then brainstormed some topics for episodes.

Our first story was about cutting in the school lunch line. We set up a hidden camera to document the cutting and to see who was cutting in line. We then identified those people and interviewed them. We also interviewed school staff to see what they thought about cutting in line. After we got all of our footage, we built the story around that and wrote narration for the episode. We recorded the narration, edited the video, then published in on youtube.

After “The Lunch Line”, we decided to do a story about the state of the school building. This episode mostly focused on holes in the wall and the toilet paper problem. Again, we interviewed staff and students, built the story around that, recorded narration, edited, and published.