I don't even know why I'm getting in trouble. How is my outfit inappropriate. Because the rule says no rips allowed? Or because you can see my shoulders? No disrespect but that rule is stupid. I mean like why does it even matter if my jeans has rips in them or not. And if my shirt is off my shoulder. Last time I checked this was highschool with people all older than 14. I don't understand how a shoulder and a knee gets me sent to the principal's office. Anybody who is 14 years or older should be able to control themselves if they see a shoulder or knee right? So you are making me miss the whole school day because of my outfit. I don't understand who I'm hurting by my knees and shoulder being out. Can I call my mom? I need her to hear the reason why I'm getting sent home by you. Unwanted attention? As a young female in today's world I get unwanted attention for everything I do. You have no idea what it feels like to have clothes that you want to wear but don't feel comfortable in them because other people will stare. Or because people don't wear the same things as you , you aren't accepted. We live in a place where girls are told what to wear and how to wear it and if there is too much showing they are called out of their name, or are viewed as less than.  Why should I be defined by the clothes I wear. If I like something I should be able to wear it right? Just because I wear my legs out doesn't make me less of a person right? I go to school, get good grades, help around my house, don't cause trouble and still somehow things don't seem to work in my favor. Yes I’ve read the rule book so maybe it is my fault. If I didn't want the attention I should cover up. You’re right. I understand what I did was wrong and I understand that sending me home is what you have to do.

I know what type of world I live in so I should just learn how to deal with it so I can be accepted. Being accepted is all I really want out of life. I don't want to be looked at as the weird girl or the outcast anymore. If I follow the rules and the norms of society I will be accepted. Even though the norms aren't me I still want to be accepted so I'm going to do all that I can. Maybe instead of adjusting myself to the norms, I can change the norms. In schools teach the students to stop judging people before they know them. And that it is okay not to be accepted by people who don't matter. As a school principal I think teaching your students that they should feel comfortable to wear their skin out if they want to is vital to preparing them for the world. I get sent to school to learn things that I am going to need in the real world. Am I wrong to think that self confidence is something that I will need in the real world? In school you teach us math, reading, science and history but what about self-care?

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Kishara Erwin (Student 2020)
Kishara Erwin

You brought up a real life situation. I enjoyed reading your monologue. i could sense where the character gets upset and how she expresses the emotion. Great job !