Ryan, Nicholas; U2-#8 Reflection

Nick Ryan
Blue Stream

We watched Growing Up Online

1. This show was about the lives of kids in this generation who describe how the internet affected their lives.
2. The most memorable thing about this show was the anorexic girl and how tells us that being anorexic was praised on the internet.
3. I do believe it is very important to watch these types of shows. I believe this because instead of learning from our mistakes(which tends to be the "hard way") we can learn from the mistakes of others and never repeat their mistakes. This helps us increase our chances of a successful life which is something we need because nowadays, we live in a very critical society where if you made one stupid mistake, that mistake will follow you for the rest of your life.
4. I will keep my future family safe online in a bunch of different ways. First, I will put parental control restrictions on my home network. Second, I will teach my kids to always think before they act and not to view unhealthy and potentially dangerous content. Lastly, I will teach my kids to not talk to strangers and tell them why they shouldn't talk with strangers.
5. It is very important to talk with your family about internet safety because you don't want your family to suffer because of one silly mistake. You also do not want your family to repeat the same mistakes that other people have done and ruin their lives.
6. I would tell parents who do not know how to keep their kids safe online to research many ways of preventing access to dangerous content, access to talking with strangers, and ways to counter cyber-bullying.