Ryan King Capstone


From doing my capstone I have learned alot of important things about myself my community and ways that I can go above and beyond to help other people who dont hve the nessecry tools availbel to help themselves.I am proud of what I was bale to be an asset to my community through assisting in raising school spirit and being able to help the less fortunate be able to get to a more rfijned place in their lives.First I did alot of research to get a feel of wht is actually feesable.I decided to partner with SLA CC SPIRIT Commitee to bring fun events to the students of SLA for a small fee which a piece of would go twoards aidning people in need or bringing awareness to the community about what is going on and exactly how they can help.The final product of my capstone was a relly humbling and eye opening experience that I am proud to have been able to do.Being able to help bring someone to a homeless rehibilation center from where they previoulsy were mkes me really proud to be able to do.I have lerned that it does only take 1 person to truly make a difference within the community and be able to be an example of an upstanding communty member which at the end of the day is what I and what everyone should aspire to be.