English Journal #15: 

I want to write about colors. Green trees, blue skies, white clouds, my pink shirt. Colors. I want to write about sunshine and happiness. We shouldn't think about yesterday, or 3 days from now. We should be thinking about this moment and the wonderful things we can make out of today. I want to write about now. Sometimes things are too stressful that we get caught up in that. I do that too, benchmarks, softball, and relationships. I want to write about taking a step back and enjoying life for what it's worth. 

English Journal #26: 

My own poem: 

We don't know what we get ourselves into 

So we have to kids the mistakes we wish we 

never made. 

Tomorrow's a brand new day. 

A new day of insecurities, worries, and 

mistaken identity.

A new day of fear that people will

find out who we really are inside.

We don't know what we get ourselves into. 

The fake smiles, and constant agony of already of 

trying to be "better" than we

already are. 

We all have something to hide. 

English Journal #43:

"One boy told me" write 3 lines that stand out.

- We're all poets when were little 

- Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop.

- I do and don't love you, isn't that happiness?

Write a story incorporating one of the lines: 

Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop. The crunchy taste, gets richer with each bite. The coarse texture, bumpy but fragile. But if broken, crumbs everywhere. On your favorite shirt, stuck to the corner of your mouth, and all over the table. Then comes mom, sponge in left, paper towel in right. She cleans you up just right. Just so you can enjoy your favorite cookie, with a cold glass of milk by its side.