Saber Entertainment: Sean McAnich and Antonio Reveron

Artist Statement

This idea was Sean's. Sean started a business idea primarily about videogames. This company came to be known as Saber Entertainment. I happened to join Saber as my ILP, and it has been great. The business has potential. Now back to the matter at hand. Sean proposed that we would make the Saber Entertainment logo for the project. The Saber Entertainment logo is a shield with SE on the front and two sabers crossed behind it. Sabers are curved, bulky swords, just in case people needed to know what a saber is.

Now, it's time to go into detail of what Sean proposed. We would have three bulbs, two at the ends of each hilt (the end of a sword), and a bulb up top, in the middle. Thus, we made a parallel circuit. We would cut two holes, and have two wires at perfect distance to match up with the 9-volt battery. We would then make a key with a 9-volt battery in it. The key would have SE at the end of it. We put the battery in the key, the key will have wires, and when the wires touch the wires in the shield, they will light up. However, due to time, we had to make just the shield. We scratched the sabers and the SE at the end of the key. So I could say the hardest thing that happened to us was to build the thing before the one week we had to build was up. It still works. Saber!!! (The key was not finished just yet in the picture.)