Sam Friedman-Slide Remix

Tech Design Slide (1)

I learned from the critique of my slide that short and sweet is the move and tangits are bad. To be honest my slide was awful, it was too crowded, disorganized, some pictures were blurry, and some pictures didn’t align right. I did not put as much effort as I could have put when making my original slide. I intended to create a cool collage of some sort but I didn't meet myself halfway and the slide came out bad. I didn’t really do enough research either so that may have been another factor.

I made the changes that I made because I needed to clean things up and properly format stuff. I also made the changes because my peers strongly thought that I needed to. It was not only them, I wasn't very fond of it either. My peers told me to make sure to align stuff correctly, get less blurry pictures, and most importantly, no tangents! After moving some stuff around and deleting other stuff, my peers comments helped me a lot.

The main research that I did that actually influenced what I did/changed was that color is the first thing that people notice. Also how space makes it breathable and calm. Lastly, that if this slide was an IKEA billboard, that it would look organized and sweet/simple. A good source for information is slide design for developers. The reasoning behind the necessary elements are very good and convincing. In conclusion the research that I did, and the comments from others helped shaped my slide into a very good slide.