Sam Friedman-Vegetarianism

Tech Design Slide

Sam: This collaboration of images you see before you are all related to Vegetarianism. I have been a vegetarian for my whole life, it has affected my life in the following ways, the way I interact with people, my options, and the way I think about animals. I chose to add these images also because they are colorful, Also these are all images of things that I see pretty often. I also chose to have a balance of color between white and color. I also chose to make it multiple images because I am more than one image.

It affects the way I interact with people because people always ask “oh you're a vegetarian” or “you're a vegetarian, how!”, and that's what people mostly talk about when they find out.

The way it affects my options because when I go out to dinner there might not be vegetarian options, or when I'm in the school lunch line there might not always be a meal ready or at all.

Lastly it affects my opinions on animal cruelty, and meat in general. I think that It is important that we conserve animals, because they have feelings too, also no offense if you like meat but just how you might think my vegetarian food is gross, I think that meat is gross.

In conclusion those are just some ways it's like to be a vegetarian.