Sam Friedman Capstone 21'

For my Capstone, I wanted to apply all of the knowledge in various different engineering subjects topics I have gained throughout the entire course of the CTE Engineering program. I wanted to create a project that would demonstrate how anyone could create something for themselves while still being environmentally conscious and economically feasible just by learning engineering skills. I wanted to demonstrate this process by going through all of the steps of theoretically building a tiny house. My deliverable is essentially a “how to” guide on all of the different aspects and components to building a tiny house. This project is geared towards educating people on not just how they can build a tiny house but how they can take this process apply it to almost anything in their life. The goal of this project is for someone with little to no construction experience to follow this guide and actually build anything they wanted. This process of gathering the right materials and constructing by yourself could be for something as small as a birdhouse to something as significant as your own home. In order to complete this project I had to do thorough research on the process of construction a house, how to apply that into process to work in tiny house, and also how to gather so many essential materials that fall under the criteria.