Samoan Infographic

This infographic is about American Samoa and their citizens. This infographic focuses on the main issues that America has had a great impact on. The infographic mainly focuses on the money involvement and military of America Samoa. 

Comments (3)

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

Your infographic taught me a lot about American territories. American Samoa is a country which has displayed lots of patriotism and support for a country which doesn't give it full rights yet. I feel like information like this, if widespread, could help bring equality to America Samoa.

Jordan Meriwether (Student 2016)
Jordan Meriwether

First off I feel your information is well distributed and organized throughout your paper, on other hand the yearly wage increase section is slightly more wordy than necessary. Overall, good work!

Andrew Roberts (Student 2016)
Andrew Roberts

Nice infographic! Why is there more military involvement in US Pacific territories? Why did the US government implement a yearly minimum wage increase in American Samoa but not in the mainland US? Why does the US government treat American Samoa this way?