Sample Climate Change Monologue Blog Post

Create a SLATE post in our World History course.

Title the post: Climate Change Monologue Project (Spell it correctly!) 

Part I: Write a paragraph that summarizes our unit of study and your goals while writing your monologues. Make this paragraph polished and clear for readers that have done little thinking about climate change or humans' relationships with the environment.

Part II: The monologues! Make sure they are polished and revised. Make sure each monologue has a title and that stage directions are in parenthesis. Make sure the formatting of the whole post is neat.

Part III: The video(s). Post the video to Vimeo. After Vimeo has processed it get the embed code and paste it into the html/embed code section of your blog post. If you do this correctly your video will show up within the blog post itself. (It should not be a link.) Make it clear which monologue is in the video.