Sample Monologue Project Post (Title of Your Project Here)

Go to your history class and create a blog post. Use the tags I have used for this post and any others you would like to add.

The different parts of your post:

1) ​1-2 paragraphs describing your project here. This should include background on your topic and background information about/description of the piece you have created.

2) Embed video here. You must have a recording of at least one part of your project. You can embed as many videos as you would like. All videos should be close-ups of the actor performing the piece. Info on how to upload videos available in class.

3) Your final, polished monologue project goes here. Be sure to include a cast of characters list, stage directions, and any other necessary information in order for the project to be performed (this may include a glossary, descriptions of staging, etc...) Pay attention to formatting-- make it clear and easy to read.