Saniyyah's Remix Slide

As I redid my 1 slide I took everything my classmates said about my first slide into consideration. They said I had a lot of different colors and my slide was a little crowded. I decided that in my second slide that I was going to get rid of a lot of colors. I kept it pretty simple with the colors black and white and added a little pink in as well. I matched the picture of myself which had pink in it , with the pink inside the music notes.

I added one of my favorite quotes because I strongly believe it and it shows what type of person I am. I also added it to fill up the open space in the middle of my slide. I was thinking about adding pictures but then my slide would have started getting crowded so I used a quote. Also in my research I learned to limit the text. I did not add a lot of words, I added just enough.

Overall I think I did a better job my second time doing this 1 slide then the first. I learn to not add lots and lots of pictures. I learned to limit the words on my slide and to use colors wisely. The research and my classmates really made me realize that my slide needed to be clean and pretty simple. The website that helped me with my one slide was Presentation Zen and Elements of Design Defines. These websites taught me a lot and making slides will now be more easier to do knowing what I know now.