Saniyyah Lord Of The Flies Essay

Saniyyah Ray


English 2

25 March 2019

What would you do if you had a chance to be the leader of an island with people all your age? In Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, he tells a story of boys who are stuck on an island and have to make their own rules and regulations in order to survive.Lord Of The Flies show when people are split from society, problems are created. However, conflict can arise from this living arrangement. If someone finds that their actions are disagreed with, they tend to subtract themselves and find new people who agree with them. This is exactly what Jack did when he thought that Ralph’s leadership skills were not working anymore. Lord of the Flies shows that when people are split from society, problems are created.

All throughout the book, we saw that Jack always had his own distaste  towards Ralph and his leadership. The first time Jack showed that he didn’t care for Ralph being the leader is when he was upset that Ralph won the election. In the book, the narrator says “and the freckles on Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification”(23). Jack was really embarrassed and mad after the election and from that moment on, he had a certain point to prove. In plenty of cases, he always tried to take charge and be the leader even though he knew Ralph was.  

In today’s world, we see South and North Korea separated just like Ralph and Jacks civilizations. These two countries are separated due to the fact of who occupied which country. The United States occupied South Korea and the Soviet Union occupied North Korea. In the article by Sarah Pruitt she says, ”While the Soviet policies were widely popular with the bulk of the North’s laborer and peasant population, most middle-class Koreans fled south of the 38th parallel, where the majority of the Korean population resides today. Meanwhile, the U.S.-supported regime in the South clearly favored anti-communist, rightist elements, according to Robinson.” This tells why the Koreas split up. Even though they are both in Korea, they still have problems within each other. Just like in the book, Ralph civilization represents order and peace while Jack’s civilization represents savagery and a little bit of chaos so does North and South Korea. We always hear about all the not so good things that North Korea has going on but so little of South Korea.

All Ralph wanted to do was run a smooth orderly civilization. Jack didn’t like the fact that everyone made Ralph leader and so once he had enough of Ralph and his rules he made his own civilization and did what he wanted and what he believed to be right. As we know both of the civilizations lived on the same island so splitting the boys in half made a big impact on them.  They had to start becoming aware of their surroundings and keep in mind that their tribe wasn’t the only one on the island anymore. Ralph says “ be quiet and listen… there’s something moving outside”(166). Ralph heard something going on outside of their shelters and got everyone’s attention to listen closely and be aware of what was going on. While everyone thought it was the beast and Ralph somewhat also thought it was the beast, he knew it was probably Jack and his hunters trying to scare and terrorize them.

I’m sure North and South Korea make themself aware of what’s going on with each other. There was no peace treaty signed and so South and North Korea are still at war. On wikipedia it says “, However, no peace treaty was ever signed, and according to some sources the two Koreas are technically still at war, engaged in a frozen conflict.” Being that this is the case the Koreas still have a problem with each other.But unlike Ralph and Jack the leaders of the Koreas have met up  and agreed to work towards a treaty to end the war.

Many ideas and themes have happened while reading Lord Of The Flies. One of the themes in Lord of the Flies is this idea of separation from society and becoming isolated. We see that in many different points in the book.


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