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In the beginning of the third quarter, we were told to have a sketchbook and our first assignment was to draw a horizontal line. We had to choose one point on the line, which was called the vanishing point. We had to draw 3D boxes that attached to the vanishing point at all times. We had to draw 3 boxes, one along the horizon line, one above, and one below. Our second assignment was to draw our names. We had to use all of the tools we learned from the previous class, and draw our name in bubble letters.

         For our third assignment, we had to draw a room. We watched many demonstrations for learning how to make things seem realistic on just a flat piece of paper. This prepared us for our final assignment of the quarter. We were handed a large piece of paper. We had to choose a wall in the classroom, and draw it. But everything had to come off of our horizon line.

         I first drew a sketch of the ceiling and the floor by counting the tiles there were in real life. Then I started on the windows and the pillars. Then, I worked on the details underneath the windows and walls.

         I think that the entire concept of orthogonal lines, and vertical and horizontal lines were very easy to me, even though I have never worked with perspective drawing before.

         The hard thing was making the pillars look 3D and the entire paper look like the real life wall. Overall, it was a good project, and I really enjoyed having it this quarter. 

Alisha's Drawing. 
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