Sarah Son Capstone

Animal cruelty is a large issue all over the world that many people are not aware of. Each year, the numbers of animal abuse cases increase and this must be changed. For my Senior Capstone, I was determined to inform my community about what animal cruelty is and provide ways to prevent it. Initially, my goal was to host a gallery event. A gallery event would be able to bring our community together in order to learn about this issue and spread the word. The gallery event would include photos and footage taken by me at a local animal shelter to create a documentary and showcase my Digital Video skills that I have gained through the years while I was part of the program. With my modified project, I decided to create posters instead, as they are effective in conveying an important message. My Capstone is built upon the inquiry of how digital art can help convey a message about animal cruelty to the community that will result in an emotional response. I am still able to be creative while also being informative about animal cruelty. With these posters, I want to be able to show that this is something that happens in our world every single day. These posters will encourage my community to speak up and help animals as they are unable to speak for themselves. Make a change today!