Saul Salas Capstone

My capstone for 2016 was to teach the benefits of the learning experience of computer building in the most fundamental way. Ideally, building a computer does come with many misconceptions, one mainly how it can break or not work entirely and this is where my project explores these myths. PCPartPicker is a site I highly recommend to start building your computer. It has most computer parts that can be bought in their database, and has all the retailers of that part and the price. It tells you all about the parts, has guides to builds, and also a compatibility check to tell you if the parts you chose work, or if there will be any issues. But why should you care about computers? We use technology pretty much everyday and it’s hard to go by without internet at least once a day, and building a computer for yourself not only saves you money, but if any future problems occur, at least you’ll know what to do to solve this problem.

The picture below shows all of the parts I have used to create a working PC, showing knowledge that what I have created was ground up, easy, and accessible at a affordable cost.


"Apple's Shameful Secret: Watch Factory Worker's Dead Body Discovered In River After Suspected Suicide –– See The Shocking Video." Radar Online. Radar Online, 23 Apr. 2015. Web. 05 Feb. 2016. <>.

Shameful events happening in china because of consumer products are constantly being bought by Apple’s customers. Apple is notorious for their products being made in china. They underpay their workers and sometimes force them to stay. Reason why this is being brought up is because of the laptops purchased from this school supports these deaths. As more and more people buy these computers made by Apple kills off someone in china and is a big reason why we shouldn’t support them. Building a computer is the most you can do to avoid a human’s life being wasted.

Mick, Jason. "Foxconn Installs Anti-Suicide Nets at Its Facilities." DailyTech. DailyTech, 29 June 2010. Web. 5 Feb. 2016. <>.

These safety nets installed are to prevent suicide caused by china workers. It has been studied that a lot of these workers who fail at making a set amount of Apple products are forced to work overtime without extra pay, or else risk their jobs and the money they use to support their family which they can only see maybe once a year. It’s no wonder why these deaths occur, it’s because people don’t want to suffer the long hard working they are countlessly putting effort to make these Apple products, such as laptops. They even go as far to using child labor. This is one of many other companies that treats their workers like dirt if we continue supporting these brands we may or may not know about.

"Compare Mac Models - Apple." Apple. Web. 04 Feb. 2016. <>.

This is all the price range if you were to buy a MacBook. In SLA, when I was a freshman, MacBook computers were given to all students, they were older models and ran pretty fast. But checking the store page for buying a computer for today shows that these computers weren’t very cheap at all. The cheapest one on there is the MacBook Air that cost $899. The most expensive one on there is a bigger 5-pound laptop. The price is $1,999 for this suppose upgrade to the lower end models. Everything made from apple is inexpensive and the parts exactly used can be cheaper and justified if you go inside the physical computer itself. It’s evident that my own price range in comparison to theirs is way more cost efficient, cheaper, and faster.

"Computers and Their Impact." Computers and Their Impact. Web. 04 Feb. 2016. <>.

The quotations such as “Our need for a practical philosophy of self-knowledge has never been greater as we struggle to make meaning from our lives on the screen” is a quote taken from a book (as it is cited) called “Who am we” and describes the importance and everyday uses of these wonders of technology and computers. It explains the importance to our needs and states that we grow more knowledge from our philosophy in the first paragraph. As it is kept reading, you’ll start to learn self inflicted benefits to these machines as we learn about the deep web and emotions brought by others as we are connected closer than we realize, and the transcendence of how we lose ourselves once we are thoroughly engaged on a computer.

Evans, Austin. "How to Build a $300 Gaming PC! (2014 Boson)." YouTube. YouTube, 02 Aug. 2014. Web. 02 Feb. 2016. <>.

Austin Evans is a geek when it comes to technology and goes far in-depth when it comes to building computers, looking into technologies latest design, or goes over the parts of which is affected the most when building a computer. He goes as far to explain whether or not you should buy and how does these different types of hardware you decide to buy on is suitable for your needs. He builds computers very quite often and gives out tutorials and helpful guides for newcomers for building a computer. He also compares them to other hardware and software such as music, games, and TV.

"Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual." Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual. Web. 05 Feb. 2016. <§ion=3&tasks=true>.

A lot of students uses their computer for personal needs, and as mention in the bibliography below. Shooting movies for project is another big one since spanish class and Herman requires good editing and clear presentation to upload on vimeo or youtube and a lot of our projects are saved on these computers. This source goes in detail the quality we finalize our video we shoot. But it’s not calculated on how the environment you shoot will combine your total amount of disk space required. But this information is useful to compare to the Dell Chrome Laptops that their business is selling, because it proves that making your own computer with the things you need shows how superior and smart building one is.

Miller, Nathaniel. "Building a Computer from Scratch - Nathaniel Miller." Nathaniel Miller. Web. 03 Feb. 2016. <>.

A to get list of all the possible parts you will need to build a computer. Ignore the USB port since the motherboard comes with it by default and the floppy disk drive. It also mentions that the CPU heats which doesn’t inform the reader to get a thermal paste for the cooling. So using this cite is a source to find the basic needs of what you need to build a computer but doesn’t go in-depth and should be used as a reference if you’re looking for parts that makes a check list. This acts as a checklist of things you would need to get if you need to find your parts if you need help searching for shops with these items online.

"New Dell Chromebook 11." Dell. Dell. Web. 05 Feb. 2016. <>.

Reason why it’s much more cheaper is because they’re providing their customers with very little disk space, RAM, CPU, and a battery that can have a short lifespan which will require you to replace every 6 or 8 month so, depends on how power you use. The disk space is so very little, you will run out of space if it were primarily used by students knowing that we use these computers more than just working, but for music, filming, photos, music, and games. Filming would be a major problem especially since an average 30 second shot is worth about 40 MB and seeing how these devices have only 16 GB to spare. Another reason why it’s cheaper is because my project is building a computer from scratch with items that are needed such as a DVD Drive, bigger computer case, a monitor, and mouse and keyboard.

"PC VERSUS MAC." PC VERSUS MAC. Web. 04 Feb. 2016. <>.

Misconceptions and myths about the PC and Mac. Both systems are taken comparison on the website itself if you explore and tells which basic brand provides a chart. But in the link provided explains the misconceptions with sources to back up its evidence. It also shares the history of these computers and what makes them so cheap and speed for the two operating system with pros and cons. Some of the myths mentions are both relevant and confusing to get mistaken, but it digresses.

"Tomcat I7230W." TYAN. TYAN Computer Corp. Web. 3 Feb. 2016. <>.

A pdf form that has worked with computers in the past. At the top of the of page shows the table of contents if you wish to skim through in you’re stuck on a specific area. This is very helpful to get through the bios and tells which option does what. It shows highlighted grey words that have settings on default. If it’s your first time going through the bios, skip to 3.6 to get to the boot menu to select your boot sequence in order choose the drive you want to boot your operating system. Once you’re done hit save and exit and don’t press anything. Keep in mind that a lot of motherboards have a different format of where these settings are placed but most of them should be located in the same place and name as it shows in the pdf.