Scalia-Jackson, Kristina Lucid Chart - Home Network

My internet comes into my house from a wireless router provided to me from my service provider. (ISP) My ISP is Xfinity from Comcast. My internet cost from comcast is bundled into my home phone and tv as well. We pay about $263. I have many things connected to my home network. I have my tv, my google tv box, my ipad, 2 macbook pro’s, my ipad, my iphone, my sisters iphone, my moms iphone, my mom’s old iphone, my dad’s blackberry, my printer, my desktop, my ipod, my mom’s laptop,etc.

Everything that is connected to my LAN (ie. home network) is connected wirelessly. There are many devices on my L.A.N. I have my TV, Macbooks, Desktop, Ipad, Iphones, Ipods, Blackberry, & Google Tv. All of the same things listed for my home network previously. My O.M.G reflection moment was when I realized how much work the computer goes through in order to process every request. Computers do a lot in such a short amount of time. Its amazing.

I would tell anyone with an ISP/home network to make sure they have a password on their network. Even though they may think no one will be close enough to use it, if people are it would slow them down. Also if there are children that will be using the network, there should be restrictions in place.