School District Funding Process Paper - Roberto

School district underfunding is one of the main things that are holding Philadelphia back from its full potential.  I chose this topic because without adequate funding in schools, students aren’t going to be educated fully in the future, which will affect students’ success. Also, not only do the school district budget cuts affect students’ quality of education, but they also cut extracurricular activities and sports. Basically, school is the root of all life, and to cut certain aspects of it is unfair. 

Our plan was to create awareness about how school district budget cuts are going to affect students in the future, but in a way that will urge people to act against it. We came up with a couple ideas for a few components that we could use and then split them up. One of the components was to make a PSA and I chose that because I had a whole bunch of ideas that could’ve been easily implemented into one.  The one I chose was derived from belief I found on the Internet that really had me worried for the future; school being a burden to people. By that I came up with the idea of having a PSA showing how school is really going to suck in the future without sports, extracurricular activities, still using outdated technology, having bigger classrooms, possibly having robots for teachers, and etc.

My perceived challenges in the beginning were getting the PSA seen, as well as making the PSA effective instead of cheesy. I know my current PSA might sound cheesy now, but there’s factual information in there, and could really do the job of spreading the awareness because I don’t think parents remember all that well about how school was, or how it is currently for this generation, but it will give them a good perspective of how bad it could get.  So in a way, it’s a success. However, another challenge came up through the process of everything, my group started at a slow start, which brought us behind so I had to pick up the weight before it got really bad.