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Recipe for Humus​

          Humus is a kind of dip for pita bread, it's pretty bitter, although can be made to taste more like garlic depending on how much you add.

          1 can of chick peas,
          1/4 of a jar of tahini (essentially sesame seed oil),
          1 cup of lemon juice,
          1 teaspoon of garlic,
          1/2 teaspoon of salt & pepper,
          & Pita Bread

          Optional) Prep chick peas, you can buy them pre-prepped however this is unnecessary.
          1) Pour all the ingredients into a blender.
          2) Blend until humus is the texture you want (normally creamy with clumps in it).
          3) Taste and add more garlic, salt, pepper, or lemon juice at your discretion.

     Conclusion & Analysis:
          Humus is really very cheap an quick dip to make. It's not really a full meal but goes well with pita bread or other Arab dips, like tableau or  baba ghanoush. It's also quite healthy, not so much in having a lot of nutrition it's really too simple for that, but in the fact that it has (or if you make it yourself has) virtually no calories even in bulk. I can't really recommend it with other foods that aren't themselves Arab because the flavor is a little exotic. Even if your used to American humus, you probably won't recognize this humus because it's bitter, and lacks the excessive garlic most American humus uses. The authentic humus definitely an acquired taste.