Science and Society Benchmark 2011

​Personal Reflection
In this unit we have looked at many different things including organic food vs. conventional food we have looked at how animals are treated and raised before they are killed, we looked at big businesses and small businesses and we also have taken a look at fast food places and how they like to have their food replicated the same way. The one thing I think was most important about all of the discussions we have had about what we can do differently ourselves to make a difference in the our own communities. some people suggested that they would become vegetarians some people suggested that we stop buying from bigger businesses and start eating from smaller more healthy places. Another big deal that is going on is that we have talked about health insurance and obesity in the country. I personally think that the biggest problem with food related issues in children is that it is very accesible and cheap. I think if corner stores were not on every other corner in almost every section of the city than the obesity rate would drastically change just from that. Some changes I can make are to eat more healthy I have already eliminated soda from a regular diet and I do not eat after a certain time but I can make more conscious choices to pick out organic foods specifically or read labels and ask more questions. I think in making some of these choices I would feel better maybe be more energized and maybe lose weight . I think if I really wanted to I could make this change
Recipe and Analysis

2 cans of Tuna 
half a box of elbow noodles or any noodles that you prefer 
Miracle whip or Mayo 
2 boiled eggs(chop them up fine)

Step 1: put water into a pot and wait for it to come toa boil 
Step 2: Once the water comes to a boil put the about a half a box of elbow noodles into the pot 
Step 3: when the noodles are done place them into the strainer and drain all of the water from the noodles 
Step 4: place the noodles into a bowl big enough to mix in other ingredients 
Step5: place another pot on the stove with water in the pot and place two eggs into the pot let this come to a boil 
Step 6: take the eggs out and peel the shell off of the eggs, then chop up the eggs 
Step 7: Then put the eggs into the bowl with the noodles 
Step 8: next open up the two cans of tuna(In water) drain the water out of the cans and then put the tuna into the bowl with the noodles and the chopped eggs 
Step 9: then the next thing is take a tablespoon and a teaspoon of relish and place this into the bowl 
Step 10: this step is based off of skill and eyeballing and feeling now salt and pepper into the bowl
Step 11: mix everything together  
Step 12: taste everything and make sure it taste good  
Note:  the amount of each ingredient depends on how much you are making. so amounts may vary. 

Even though this dish is not the healthiest it is delicious and tasty. As long as I can remember my dad has been making this dish and it has always been my favorite thing to eat. This is why I decided that I would make this dish for the class. 

As far as each ingredient goes it really depends on what you want to make it you can make this dish more healthy for example instead of using regular noodles you can use wheat noodles and you can change the meat that you put into it, relish has some kind of syrupy type of liquid into the relish, you can put whatever kind of eggs you want to put into it. 

This dish can come from anywhere most of the ingredients are processed and ready to go, I had trouble trying to find exactly where all the ingredients come from but we can produce some of the ingredients on Philadelphia farms also. 

This meal did not cost that much we have most of the ingredients already but if I were to guest I would say an maximum of  20 dollars. Overall the project was fun and exciting it is nice to not only see people bring in cultural foods but foods that mean something to them.