Science and Society Benchmark 2011

Personal Reflection​

In the Food unit we watched “Food Inc,” a documentary about the food industry. We also read several articles by columnist Michel Pollen and discussed the problems and practices about the food we eat.

            I noticed we were rather biased as group against the food industry and no one tried to defend them. I also noted everyone acted with emotion but failed to come up with a reasonable solution. Also folks tend to blame big corporations on all the world evils that are every ones fault and no ones fault.

            We read a little too much of Michel Pollen I would have liked to read some one else. I am sure others have written on the topic and would want some different viewpoints.

            What I liked was the style of presentation how we learned one little thing at a time and head to answer questions that would help us retain that information.

            And of course I liked the feast. It was tasty. 

            I’m rather disappointed that no one listened to my solution, which I thought was brilliant. What we could do is everyone (in America) puts in five to twenty dollars and we collectively sue the big food corporations. That we even the playing ground and make sure they can’t say, “this is what are costumers asked for.”

            I think we would do much better if we didn’t have other things to think about then the food industry because we were all to busy to do any thing about it.

            All in all a good unit but it could have been better.

Food Recipe




Baby Tomatoes




Wash Vegetables break the lettuce pieces in half and put in a large bowl. Though baby tomatoes in bowl and toss well. Skin Cucumber, cut it into little pieces, and dump in bowl. Skin carrot, cut it into little pieces, and dump in bowl. Toss well.


Salad Dressing

One part vinegar

Three parts olive oil

A pinch of parsley

A pinch of basil


Get out a small bowl. Put in vinegar and oil; add a pinch of parsley and a pinch of basil. Shake well before stirring.  


Salad is a traditional healthy choice when overloaded with salad dressing, bread, and meat. My dad always puts salad out with every dinner. Usually comprising of lettuce and some other vegetables. I bought the ingredients to this salad at whole and they cost too much. I would have bought them at the ninth street market it closed at the time and ninth street market food doesn’t last long.