I picked all of these pictures for a reason. I picked the cheerleader because cheerleading is what makes me. I love to cheerlead all the time anytime of the day. I picked the coach bag because it shows how special I am to my parents. Coach bags cost a lot of money and the fact that they spend the little bit of money they have on the martial things I want shows how special I am. And lastly I picked the two hands was because I am proud to be a mix of races. That is special to me because back in the day two different races couldn’t even be together.


The layout-

I decided to do a gray background and bright pink lettering because on the website that was given to us said that you should have a calm background and bold pop out lettering so that people will notice it. I only did a few pictures because the read should be able to observe and understand the slide with-in three seconds.   

here is a good website that talkes about slides :